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Now serving APAC / Oceania
JA-IMC is proud to announce that we now serve the APAC / Oceania region

The Asia Pacific region includes around 50 countries, spanning East, South and South East Asia – including India, China and a host of other booming markets – and Oceania, which is most notable for hosting Australia and New Zealand, but also includes a myriad of Pacific island nations across the Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia micro-regions.

The region’s diversity means that its consulting industries vary significantly in size, market structure and maturity.
The consulting industry of Asia Pacific, consisting of Asia, Australasia and a number of other very small markets, will this year break through the barrier of $50 billion, according to new (2019) data analysis.

Above mentioned region is one of the fastest growing consulting sectors in the world, having added around $10 billion in fee income in the space of just four years.

Japan and South Korea remain Asia’s largest consulting markets, while China, India and Australia are the main drivers of growth in volume.
From a service line perspective, Strategy & Operations remains the largest service sold to clients.
The field includes traditional strategy consulting work, such as corporate and business unit strategy, commercial due diligence and high-end work for large organisational transformations.

Operations focuses on performance improvement in primary and secondary processes, including logistics, supply chain, sales, manufacturing and back-office.

Let JA-IMC Corporation assist you with your individual business projects in APAC/USA or Europe.

Basic Policy Regarding Anti-Social Forces
JA-IMC Corp. provides the following basic policies in order to prevent damage caused by groups or individuals that pursue economic benefits by making full use of violence, force and/or fraudulent means (hereinafter referred to as "Anti-Social Forces").
Basic Policies
JA-IMC Corp. shall, as an entire organization, deal with any unjustified demands by Anti-Social Forces.
JA-IMC Corp. shall establish close relationships with external specialists, such as the police and the National Center for Removal of Criminal Organizations, and engage in proper handling in an organized manner in order to prevent damage caused by Anti-Social Forces.
JA-IMC Corp. shall not have any relationship with Anti-Social Forces, including a business or transactional relationship.
JA-IMC Corp. shall strongly refuse any unjustified demands by Anti-Social Forces and shall take legal measures, on both a civil and criminal basis, with respect to such claims.
JA-IMC Corp.. shall never provide funds to Anti-Social Forces, nor shall it make backdoor deals with Anti-Social Forces.

Compliance Policy Regarding the Antimonopoly Act of Japan and Other Related Regulations  
We shall comply with the Antimonopoly Act of Japan and other relevant laws and regulations (effective in a country or region where our business affiliates operate) and strive to take all possible measures for establishing and implementing our compliance system. For such purpose, we have set forth the following specific guidelines.
Action Guidelines
For the purpose of expressing a willingness to accept an order and for providing information pertaining to planning and technology, we engage in marketing and sales activities with respect to customers.
In implementing marketing and sales activities, we shall never have inappropriate contacts with other business operators.
We place bids at reasonable prices based on our own cost estimation.
We record our compliance activities in order to prevent illegal acts.
We will engage in fair and open competition as well as maintain neutrality and independence as construction consultants

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